Safe Drinking Water



EcoFluency Forum & Fair


“Innovations in ecological waste management
for towns and rural areas”

Waste management has become an urgent priority at every level of government, for farmers, and for many citizens. The challenges are enormous, and growing: on the farm, at the sewage treatment plant, and the landfill site. The goal is a safe, sustainable environment for all. 

At the same time, cost-effective ecological options for dealing with the waste we create are in operation and development in Canada, the US and Europe: eg 'living machines,' composting toilets, constructed wetlands. Many of these innovative technologies are well suited for rural areas, farms and towns. 

With the EcoFluency Forum & Fair, we (a regional network of people from a range of community groups) plan to open some doors and make some connections. 


  • A two-day international conference (Great Lakes region, north & south of the border) on innovations in ecological waste management for towns and rural areas.

  • Saturday May 3 to Sunday May 4, 2003, at the Community Centre & Arena in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Surrounded by water, and historically dependent on it, the County is an ideal setting for this event.

  • EcoFluency will bring together people doing creative work in waste management technologies and practices appropriate for towns and rural municipalities, and people that need to know about it: municipal representatives and staff, farmers, educators, students, environmental researchers, concerned citizens, the media.

  • The Forum & Fair will focus on three waste streams: municipal sewage, landfill/garbage and farm-generated manure. Innovative technologies and strategies to be featured may include: "living machines" (enclosed biological sewage treatment facilities) and constructed wetlands for municipal sewage and farm wastes; liquid manure composting systems; composting toilets; advanced bio-filtration systems; and zero waste design.

  • While the Forum offers presentations and discussion, the Fair will illustrate a spectrum of waste management options in working models & displays.

  • EcoFluency will be presented by Quinte Watershed Cleanup, the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, the Safe Water Group in Prince Edward County, and CREEK (County Regional Environmental Evaluation KO-Alition).